One-Day Mataram

Deconstructing the gentleman's game

Some bits of news from South Africa... and some questions!

Indian coach John Wright says "
As of this point in time, my thinking is that Sachin Tendulkar should open. I also believe that Virender Sehwag should be used to the maximum possible, which means he should open."
But then he also says, "It is of course the captain's prerogative to decide the batting order."
So... does that mean our Captain and the Coach are not completely in sync about what the batting order should be?!!

After the statements by the Captain and the Vice-captain apologizing for the debacle against Australia... could The Master have stayed far behind? In an extraordinary plea for support from enraged fans, Tendulkar said, "This is to all the well-wishers in India. I am here on behalf of the Indian cricket team...We ourselves are very disappointed with the kind of performances we have put up and I also understand the disappointment you have gone through. I am just here to assure all of you that we will be fighting in all the games until the last ball is bowled...so please continue to support us, as you have done in the past, which will surely help us."
Is this charade really warranted?? Does this mean the Indian team was giving less than 100% (which many would say was obvious!) in their matches upto now??

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