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Deconstructing the gentleman's game

Hi all,

Unfortunately, rain has decided the supersix spots in both the groups. Obviously the main host, South Africa would feel heartbroken while both the smaller co-hosts Kenya and Zimbabwe find places in the top 6 teams of this World Cup.

What does this result mean to our contest ?
Well, South Africa not qualifying has meant many of us would miss the services of 3 players. Team Super Power had selected RD Shah and Kenya has made it through, Ketan should be pleased by this selection ;-).

Here's a look at how many players each team still has as potential point winners. It should give you an idea of which team to watch out for.

1. india_is_winner, Super Power, sajith_star, Sancho, R2D2, Faizan XI - 9 players each
2. Big B's, Dare Devils, Invincible, Har Har Mahadev, Dum Hai Kya, Ace, WaltzingMatilda - 8 players each
3. Sushant's XI, SOUVIK-XI, madan11, The Clowns, DO DEVILS, Master Blasters, Terminator, BlitzKrieg, Jhakas Dhamaka, heroes, Mavericks, Winners, Bakwaas-13, Bunch of Losers - 7 players each
4. RedDevils, Zapper, The Winners, UnderDogs, Mera No. 1 - 6 players each
5. Formula one - 5 players

Best of Luck all !!!

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