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Deconstructing the gentleman's game

Was this necessary?? During the presentation ceremony after the Indian win against Zimbabwe, Saurav Ganguly was asked by Sanjay Manjrekar about the "huddles" that were seen in the field today after every Zimbabwean wicket fell. To this Ganguy replied saying to the effect of "We realise we don't get much support from outside, we gather around and support each other".

Now this was perfectly unwarranted, if you ask me! I don't think there's any other cricket team in the world that gets quite as much support as the Indian team does, from its fans in the country. Once in a while when the fortunes of the team turn the other way and the team does not seem to be doing enough to turn things around, it is natural for the adulation to turn into disappointment which, sometimes, boils over into violent protests. While I do not condone the pathetic behaviour of some idiots with no knowledge of the game, I certainly did not expect this statement from Saurav Ganguly!

What do you think??

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