One-Day Mataram

Deconstructing the gentleman's game

The final match is just under a couple of hours away, but the butterflies in the tummy just refuse to subside. Can only imagine what our players must be feeling now.

Each person I meet has a different opinion about how the Indians need to go about it today. The passion shared amongst everyone here is to be seen to be believed. While some feel, our openers should go hammer-and-tongs as they did against Pakistan, others opine that keeping wickets in hand would be crucial and we should take things steady in the opening overs. Some feel Ganguly should drop lower down the order to avoid Brett Lee and should be there to take on Lehmann. It's a good thing that the none of us has access to the team dressing room, else the number of ideas presented would have made all the players crazy.

Most of our players have confessed to taking up cricket after the '83 victory, especially the seniors in the side, Parthiv wasn't even born then ;-) A victory today would most definitely see the emergence of the next generation of cricketers.

Have to go now and get ready for the game, there are snacks and drinks to buy, the Indian colours to wear and plenty of faces to paint. Just hope by the end of it all, it has all been worth it and we get a good game of cricket. I hope the Indian team will play like we all know they can. We just have to take the bull by the horns at the "Bull-Ring".

One-Day Mataram !!!

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