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Deconstructing the gentleman's game

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Another point for discussion ...

We all know Adam Gilchrist 'walked' even though he was given NOT OUT by the umpire. Someone in the Set Max team of commentators mentioned that he was so disappointed by the result of his attempted sweep that he did not even look at the umpire and hence missed the fact that the umpire actually negated the appeal. Arjuna Ranatunga went upto the extent of claiming that this is the first time he has seen an Aussie do this, but we all know the history between 'Captain Cool' and the Kangaroos, to believe him fully.

The point for discussion is, when the stakes are as high as they are these days, is it 'professional' to follow your own heart which might result in the team-cause being let down. Secondly, if not 'walking' is as bad a gesture as it is made out, what about 'excessive appealing', especially (say) when one knows the batsman has not knicked it, isn't that an attempt to force the umpire to give a wrong decision ?

Would be nice to know what each one of you feels about these issues, so post your comments soon ...

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