One-Day Mataram

Deconstructing the gentleman's game

Just a check on how various teams are doing in our contest.

The top spot is claimed by Dipali Kanwadkar's seemingly aptly named team - 'Invincible', which has a substantial lead of 93 points over its nearest rival in Chandra Babu's team - 'Dare Devils' . The rest of the group seems tightly packed with Faizan Choudhary and Parag Acharya, whose teams, 'Faizan XI' and 'Winners' respectively, separated by a single point. Sandeep Nemade's 'Ace' comes next just ahead of Pawan Ambardekar's 'Mavericks' and Satish Mane's war cry 'Har Har Mahadev' .

Deepak Jain's proclamation 'india_is_winner' comes next and I truly hope it comes true as well. While Sameer Padhi's 'Master Blasters' try to blast it out at #9, Sushant Kumar's - 'Sushant XI' , comes in at number 10 with Sachin's (not Tendulkar, but Bapat) challenge 'Dum Hai Kya' sees itself at number 11.

Yours truly's 'Blitzkrieg' , now more of 'Blitz-creak' , is at 12 and is forcing me to think what made me not select Sachin Tendulkar in my team ... sob sob !!!

The game is on guys - just three more matches to go and we shall soon see the winners of the World Cup and more importantly of our own little contest ... stay with us as the suspense unfolds !!!

Cheers all !!!

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