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One-Day Mataram revived

Three years ago, well... actually closer to four, I started One-Day Mataram with my good friend Abhijeet. The two of us had been involved in writing about cricket within a group of like-minded friends for a long time before that. In the pre-blogging days, this group, named TEST-ing Times, used to interact over emails. During the 1999 cricket World Cup, we had run a small contest within this group. It was on the lines of ESPN-STAR's Superselector. But the points system was entirely our own and it worked wonderfully well. With the 2003 World Cup coming up, Abhijeet and I wanted to revive the World Cup contest and our cricket related writings. That is how One-Day Mataram was born.

The contest and this blog were quite successful during the 2003 World Cup and the top scoring player in our contest, Sachin Tendulkar, coincided with the ICC's choice for the Player of the Tournament. Also, this blog was featured on Rediff.com for being one of the few cricket blogs around at that time. Blogging was in its infancy in India then, you see!

However, general blogging and a shift to The Opti Mystic meant that this blog was ignored completely.

But I love to write about cricket. This does not arise from any great, in-depth, researched knowledge of the game. It's just that having followed the game for so many years with enthusiasm, I have opinions. And what is blogging if not a way to voice those opinions! ;-)

With the 2007 cricket World Cup approaching and a fairly packed itinerary for the Indian cricket team, I thought I should revive One-Day Mataram. And given that today, i.e. September 7 2006, is significant from the point of view of Vande Mataram and that with so much controversy surrounding it, I thought this would be the perfect time to start singing like a canary on One-Day Mataram! ;-)

One Day Mataram!!

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