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Advantage lost!

The 71 runs that the last two South African wickets cost the Indians have all but erased the good work by the bowlers late yesterday evening. 328 is a good score by South Africa considering how flaky the Indian top order has looked in recent times. So the Indians will have to bat extremely well to assert themselves in this Test Match.

With Kallis out of the side, the South African bowling seems to have lost some edge. But Andrew Hall can sometimes be the joker in the pack. His tight line and the ability to seam/swing the ball may see him get a few Indian batsmen knicking balls outside their off-stumps.

But before that, the embattled pair of Jaffer and Sehwag need to get their acts together and play out the first spells of Nel and Ntini, both of whom could be quite lethal with the new ball.

Alright gentlemen... Play!! :)

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