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The cricket world at a glance

A week's vacation turned into a much longer hiatus. But better a hiatus than pointless ramblings!

So what's making news these days in the world of cricket... ?

The return of the old guard in the Indian Test team makes it clear that the selectors have taken a somewhat dim view of Chappell's ability to turn things around with the team of his choosing. However, a point to be noted here is that this is the Test team that has undergone a revamp. The selectors, however, still seem to believe that Chappell is good enough to deliver the goods in the World Cup.

PCB has reverted the bans on the two Pakistani bowlers accused of doping. Quite a regressive step this! This quite clearly shows that the doping scandal was nothing but yet another round of political machinations within Pakistani cricket.

Flintoff says he cried after England crumbled to dust in the second innings of the Adelaide Test. I don't blame him. There is a thumb-rule in Test Cricket. A team that scores 400+ runs in the first innings usually does not lose the match. The English scored 550+ runs and still lost ignominiously. Time for some introspection by the English team before they face the Aussies again.

And Mumbai will host the Final match of the 2011 World Cup!! Now that's a surprise, if ever there was one!! Especially after the way the Brabourne pitch in Mumbai came in for criticism in the recently concluded Champions Trophy. But of course, I expect the World Cup Final to be played at Wankhede. But even that pitch has been criticized in the past! Hmmmm... in any case, Wankhede stadium will require extensive overhaul if it has to come up to the standards of some of the other grounds in the world that have hosted a World Cup final match. And I'd like to see a blueprint for the overhaul pretty soon.

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  1. # Blogger Ankur

    There could be no better name for this blog ! I started off with my cricket blog thinking I'm the first one. Searching around and seeing blogs like yours, now I think I could well be the last one. Gud work you r doing here.

    As far as hosting WC finals, I'm worried about Common Wealth right now. If we are able to do that properly, WC final an year later wont be as tough a job for us.  

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