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Win unlikely, draw hopefully, loss possibly!

Rarely have India managed to overhaul a total in the fourth innings to win a Test match. And to add to the situation, this Indian batting side, though formidable on paper, is woefully out of form at the moment. So with 316 to get with 8 wickets in hand... and about 60-65 overs to face (because weather eats up about 25-30 overs everyday!), an Indian win in the second Test at Durban is too much to ask for!

The Indians haven't managed to score 300 in this Test series yet and to expect them to do so under pressure of a chase is a bit much! So a safety-first approach seems especially inviting at the moment! Given the Indian form though, even that seems a bit dicey! But looking at the big picture of the Test series, a draw here would suit the Indians just fine. 'Coz that would mean the South Africans would go into the last Test under pressure of saving the series and that's exactly what the Indians would want!

Before I end this post, the eternal optimist in me thinks back to the only time on this tour of South Africa that the Indians have managed to score over 300. It was at Potchefstroom where the Indian team scored 316/7 in their first innings and won the match. And that is exactly what they have to score now to win this Test! ... Omens... omens! ;-)

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  1. # Blogger Homer

    Sameer, thanks for your comments on my blog.

    India lasted 80 overs in thier first essay in Jo'burg, 65 overs in the second.In the dirst innings of the Durban test, India lasted 78 overs
    Against RoSA India batted 85 overs before declaring.

    So, can the Indians survive? Sure they can.

    The question to be asked is that are the South African bowlers prepared to bowl the right lengths to get 8 Indian wickets in the space of 60/70 overs and what is the mindset with which India approach the last day.
    Play like in Mumbai against England and we are toast. Play like in Nagpur against England and we should be home safe.  

  2. # Blogger Sameer

    Homer>> In the end, it wasn't the weather but the amount of overs that the Indians had to face that did the Indians in!

    Mark Boucher predicted before the last day's play started that 50 overs was all his side needed to wrap up things. Ad the Indian batsmen made it their job to prove him wrong. They showed him that he had over-estimated them grossly!


  3. # Blogger Homer

    Firstly, Have a Wonderful New Year!!!

    Now, more than the overs, it was the mindset that did India in. Remember Trent Bridge 2002. India had to bat a little more than a day to hold on for a draw. And they did.. by playing thier shots when the opportunity presented itself, by playing out the good balls and punishing the bad ones.
    Since Bangalore 2005, India has tended to go overly defensive in last day situations. And by going ultra defensive, they have allowed the bowlers to dictate terms to them.
    Can we turn this around? Sure we can? Can the current crop do it? I have my doubts.  

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