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"Fantasy Selector" is here

Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls... I am proud to present to you.... Fantasy Selector!!

This contest is kinda like Super Selector... only simpler and intelligent. With your team selector hat securely in place, select a team of 11 players to form your team. Unlike real team selection, you are not restricted by the number of batsmen or bowlers. Just go ahead and select 11 players from all the 240 players that are taking part in the ICC World Cup 2007.

How do I score in this contest?

Each player that you've selected will earn you points as the tournament progresses. The contestant with the highest team score wins. As simple as that! The only thing to remember is... to have a chance to gain maximum points, obviously you need your players to play the maximum number of games. This means, before selecting your team, reflect a bit on the chances of each team and make your selection.

What is different in this contest as compared to others is the way we award points to players. Let me explain the rationale behind the points system in Fantasy Selector.

What's the points system?

  1. Typically, contests rate batsmen only on the number of runs scored, this gives an undue advantage to the top 3-4 batsmen who get both the advantage of field restrictions during Powerplays and also more number of overs to maximize their scores. This also fails to reward quick cameos by batsmen lower down the order which usually make the difference in ODIs. To even this out a bit we have come up with the concept of awarding points based on effective runs scored. Calculation of effective runs takes into consideration the number of balls faced by the batsmen (basically the strike rate). Considering the slow and low pitches in the West Indies we feel that a score of 250 should be what teams would first aim at getting i.e. 250 runs in 300 balls is par for the course. Hence every batsman would need to score at a strike rate of 83.33 to get their teams to this target. We therefore have set effective runs would be the same as the runs scored if strike rate is 83.33. Anything better would help improve the effective runs and hence enhance the points scored. For example, a 30 ball 60 runs could fetch you the same number of points as a 160 ball 120.

  2. On the bowling front again, we believe that bowlers who have not taken wickets but have bowled economical spells should also be rewarded for the same. Hence the points matrix for bowling takes into consideration both the wickets taken and also the economy rate. So a bowling analysis of 10-2-25-1 could fetch same points as 10-0-70-4.

  3. Catches win matches, as also do brilliant run outs. We also would be rewarding players for their efforts in the field at a flat rate of 10 points for every catch and run out effected.

So go ahead form your 11, give the team a dynamic name and send us your entries before the first match (WI vs Pak) ends at...

fantasy (dot) selector (at) gmail (dot) com

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