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One-Day Mataram resumes...

Hello dear readers. It's been a long time since there has been any activity of any sort here. And the abruptness with which posts stopped is always a shame. The reason for my absence has been the gradual build-up of work-load from my day job. In this period of silence on this blog, I have had to travel to the land where the gentleman's game was born. Unfortunately, the closest I came to cricket during this time was when I occasionally (odd weekend or two) rolled my arm over in the backyard of the house where I stayed in the UK. Blogging, unfortunately, had to take the backseat.

Coming up... match previews, reviews, player/team analyses, guest posts and a contest!!

However, with the World Cup looming large, I will be coming back with a vengeance! Stay tuned for some intense World Cup action in the coming month. We will have match previews, reviews, team and player analyses, guest posts, trivia and possibly even a contest on the lines of Super Selector (with a unique points system developed in-house during the 1999 and the 2003 World Cup tournaments).

I think it's gonna be quite an exciting time in the month ahead. Stick around and share your view and comments... 'coz as the cliché goes, it really doesn't get bigger than this!! :-)

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