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India's NRR after the Bermuda match

When India bludgeoned 413/5 against Bermuda, there was very little doubt about the fact that the defeat against Bangladesh rankled them. The Indians had to make a statement, not just to their irate fans but also to themselves... a statement of their obvious talent and superiority. And that they did! And in style too.

However when the Indians came in to bowl, they looked a wee undercooked! Zaheer was competent without being destructive. Munaf was his usual patient self. Kumble was accurate as ever while the weakest link in the attack was the bowling of Agarkar. He may have returned with 3 wickets to his name, but he could not find a consistent line or length. That must be a bit of a worry for the Indian camp. Agarkar looked very efficient when he was in the West Indies last year, but this time around he seems to have lost his length a little. But with 3 days to go before the big match day against Sri Lanka, he has time to work on it in the nets.

With the situation as it stands currently, India depends as much on its Net Run Rate (NRR) as it does on an outright victory against Sri Lanka. So lets see what's the Indian Net Run Rate.

The Net Run Rate or NRR is calculated as the difference in the total run rate achieved by you and the total run rate achieved by the opposition against you. In calculating the NRR, if a team is all out, then it is deemed to have played their full quota of 50 overs. Otherwise the actual number of overs played is used in the calculations. The two matches that India have played have had the following results

India (191 all out) lost to Bangladesh (192/5 in 48.3 overs)
India (413/5 in 50 overs) won against Bermuda (156 all out)

So overall, India have scored 191 + 413 = 604 runs in 50 + 50 = 100 overs. So the run rate achieved by India is 604 / 100 = 6.040

At the same time, the opposition have scored 192 + 156 = 348 against India in 48.5 + 50 = 98.5 overs (please note that 48.3 overs actually translates to 48 and half overs and so we take 48.5 in our calculations). So the run rate achieved by the opposition against India is 348 / 98.5 = 3.533

So now, India's Net Run Rate (NRR) after it's match with Bermuda is 6.040 - 3.533 = 2.507 ... which when rounded off to two digits (after decimal the point) is +2.51.

There you go! :)

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